Waste Management and Evaporation

Proptec Rotary Atomizers by Ledebuhr Industries Offer Superior Performance for Evaporation Applications


Proptec rotary atomizers get more air mixed with more water for higher evaporation rates with lower energy use.

  • High air flow
  • Smaller droplets
  • Large scale
  • Non-clogging for extended periods of unattended operation
  • Resistant to salts, lime, and dissolved solids

Watch this video to see how a Proptec Rotary atomizer can disperse fuilds for evaporation.

Odor Control

Proptec rotary atomizers and AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps dispense treatment chemicals for effective odor control over large areas.

  • Fine mist for easy dispersal
  • Perimeter treatment
  • Large area coverage

Watch this video of the Proptec Fan Assisted Rotary Atomizer.

Use a Proptec Rotary Atomizer by Ledebuhr Industries for Your Odor Control Needs


Chemical Treatments

Waste water treatment needs accurate and repeatable dosing of abrasive and corrosive chemicals. Sodium hypochlorite, as well as lime dosing and many other harsh chemicals used in waste treatment, are big challenges to most pumps. AccuStaltic pumps can meet these challenges and provide reliable dosing with a long service life.

  • Repeatable dosing rates
  • Low shear
  • Handles abrasive and corrosive chemicals

Ideal for:

  • Lime
  • Sodium hypochlorite
  • Ferric solutions
  • Alum (hydrated aluminum sulfate)

Animal Containment

Proptec rotary atomizers are well-suited for many interior control applications such as animal containment.

  • Non-directional, high dispersion rates
  • Ease of installation and use