Rotary Atomizers, Fluid Pumping, Metering, and Dosing

Specializing in equipment for harsh environments and demanding applications

Our rotary atomizers and peristaltic metering pumps are the foundations for high performance fluid metering and spray application systems. We have proven solutions in mobile, portable, and fixed installations for difficult industrial or agribusiness spraying and metering challenges.

Proptec Atomizers

Proptec Rotary Atomizers:

Single stage, dual stage, and fan assisted rotary atomizers, driven by hydraulic or electric motors.

Efficient and reliable spraying devices for industrial processes, humidification, evaporation, and chemical application. Capable of atomizing any liquid, from pure water to corrosive, viscous, or even abrasive fluids. Produces precise droplets ranging from heavy rain to fine mist, for controlled, low and high output applications.


Proptec Rotary Atomizers by Ledebuhr Industries

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pumps

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pumps:

Multi-channel peristaltic tube pumps for flow metering, flow dividing, fluid transfer, and proportional mixing.

Operated in a continuous or cyclic manner to create consistent, accurate flow rates from a few milliliters to hundreds of liters per minute for pumping, metering, and dosing. Designed with unparalleled durability for all fluids, including challenging corrosive, shear sensitive, highly viscous or abrasive liquids. AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pumps by Ledebuhr Industries