Ledebuhr Industries Product Catalog

Proptec: Industrial Rotary Atomizers

Single stage, dual stage, and fan assisted rotary atomizers, driven by hydraulic or electric motors.

Ledebuhr Industries Proptec Rotary Atomizers


AccuStaltic: Multi-Channel Industrial Duty Peristaltic Pumps

Multi-channel peristaltic tube pumps for flow metering, flow dividing, fluid transfer, and proportional mixing.

Ledebuhr Industries AccuStaltic Peristaltic 12-Channel Pumps


Proptec Industrial Humidifier

Humidification for large industrial areas or warehouses. Easy installation with trouble-free operation.

Industrial humidifier


Power Systems: Hydraulic Power for Demanding Applications

Rugged systems for mobile or stationary applications, designed to power our hydraulic pumps and atomizers.

Hydraulic Power Systems for AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pumps and Proptec Rotary Atomizers


Spray Tables: Demonstration Equipment for the Agrichemical Application Industry

Professional grade spray nozzle demonstration tables enhance your pesticide application training presentations for outstanding results.

Spray Nozzle Demonstration Table