Spray Drying and Coalescing

Viscous Fluid

Both our pumps and our rotary atomizers are good at handling thick, viscous fluids. This feature allows the use of less water or other thinning agents in the slurry for industrial spraying applications. Less evaporation of these agents simply reduces costs and improves quality.

This video shows how the AccuStaltic pump operates with a clay-wax emulsion. To see the Proptec rotary atomizer spraying a 7% and 13% bentonite in water solution, view this video.

  • Pump and atomize thicker slurries
  • Reduce necessary evaporation
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase particle size
Viscous Fluid is No Problem for the Proptec Rotary Atomizer and the AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pump

Low Temperature Coalescing

Through the use of custom extended shafts and compact hydraulic motors, Proptec rotary atomizers can be adapted for cryogenic environments. The inherent lubrication of the motor with hydraulic fluid protects this critical component from damage.

  • Pressure lubricated bearings
  • Temperature insensitive construction
  • Variable flow rate
  • Adjustable particle size

Electrostatic Charging

Some spray drying and coalescing techniques require electrostatic charging. Through the use of electrically isolated hydraulic driven pumps and atomizers, the fluid may be brought to a high electrical potential. This has many applications when electrostatic spray drying is required.