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Ledebuhr Industries Rotary Atomizer for Produced & Wastewater Evaporation

      Brine Evaporation Pond     Wastewater Evaporation Pond

Proptec Rotary Atomizers provide the ideal air & water mixture to achieve superior evaporation
rates for produced water elimination

Evaporation with Ledebuhr Proptec Rotary Atomizers

  • Doesn’t clog like traditional pressure nozzles even with high TDS water
  • Uses low pressure water supply – no expensive pressure pumps needed
  • Minimal maintenance required – robust industrial design for difficult service & water
  • Large water flow-rate range - from 0 to 8 GPM
  • Produces billions more droplets than the typical pressure nozzles from same water volume.
  • Produces a ~100 microns droplet (diameter of human hair) for optimum evaporation/drift
  • Easily directed and adjusted toward intended target or desired area
  • Use with or without fan-assist for drift control
  • Electric, hydraulic powered units available
  • Axial fan design mixes droplets efficiently into surrounding air

Control your pond levels by accelerating evaporation

Control drift with controlled droplet size



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Produced Water & Wastewater
Management Solution:
Produced Water Evaporation Pond

An array of Proptec atomizers can quickly evaporate your wastewater. A one million gallon pond (1 acre, 3’ deep) can be evaporated in as little as 1 month with a 4 atomizer array, or 2 weeks with 8 atomizers.

Droplet comparison chart

The area of one (1) gallon of pond water is 0.26 Sq. Ft.

  • 100 micron droplets increase this surface area to 2,445 Sq. Ft.
  • 200 micron droplets increase this surface area to 1,221 Sq. Ft.
  • Higher surface area means higher evaporation rate
  • Smaller droplets hang in the air longer, increasing evaporation rate






Typically designed six (6) atomizer evaporation system

Diagram of evaporation system in pond

Six (6) atomizer/pond pump system with no clogging pond pump/atomizers can atomize over 900 barrels of water per day.  Apply the evaporation rate of your location. This is not drift away droplets but contained evaporation.

Rotary Atomizer Evaporation, 4-atomizer unit demonstration: