High Temperature and Voltage

High Temperature Sterilization, Cleaning, and Autoclaving

Proptec rotary atomizers can be made entirely from materials that handle high temperatures. The rotary screen basket can be quickly removed for cleaning and sterilization.

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Quick removal of screen and hub
  • Stainless injection tubes

High Temperature Operation

Proptec rotary atomizers can be ordered with high temperature electric motors, but if extremely high temperatures are required, special hydraulic units are available. Hydraulic oil can be externally cooled to allow hydraulic motors to operate in much higher temperatures than electric motors. They can be used in environments with ambient temperatures as high as 480° C (900° F), providing the hydraulic fluid is always moving and externally cooled. Special severe duty versions of Proptec rotary atomizers have been developed with all components capable of withstanding these higher temperatures.

In other extreme cases, special shafts and ceramic bearing have been used.

  • Temperatures up to 480° C (900° F)
  • Hydraulically cooled motors
  • Special shafts and bearings

High Voltages

Proptec rotary atomizers and AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps can be electrically isolated by using special non-conductive hydraulic hose. This is useful for electrostatic spray applications as well as situations where the equipment may come in contact with high voltages.

  • Isolate entire fluid path
  • Charge screen or fluid with no grounding path
  • Create intrinsically safe equipment for use near high voltage equipment