Dust Control Solution

Dust Control Rotary Atomizer

  Point Source Dust Control    Dust Control Rotary Atomizer by Ledebuhr Industries
Proptec Rotary Atomizers create the
perfect droplet size for effective dust control with minimal water and
energy consumption

Ledebuhr Industries atomizers provide excellent point source dust mitigation with many operating benefits to help your bottom line:

  • Won't clog, requires minimum maintenance, provides continuous operation, 24/7
  • Low operating cost with highly efficient dust control
  • No filter required, designed to operate in corrosive or abrasive water
  • Adjustable flow rate with low pressure water feed
  • Perfect applications for conveyor belts, mines, and any point source dust operations
  • Most efficient use of water for dust containment as well as humidification
  • Extremely robust, built to withstand rugged conditions such as cold temperatures and any water quality
  • May be used with or without an integrated fan assist system
  • Build dust-free curtains and corridors with maintenance free rotary atomizers!
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