AccuStaltic multi-channel pumps are designed to be an integrated solution. While other pumps may allow stacking multiple pumping heads on the same motor, AccuStaltic is the only industrial quality pump that includes multiple channels and a complete integrated manifold system to distribute and collect the flows. AccuStaltic manifolds additionally retain the tube sets and allow quick changes of preloaded tube sets.

Accustaltic Manifold Types:

All manifolds feature stainless steel construction with brass hose barbs or polymer quick connects. They can be quickly exchanged by removing a few bolts without removing the tubes from the manifold system. This isolates the fluid from the maintenance personnel and allows for pre-loaded tube sets to be ready for absolute minimum down time during maintenance or a process line change. For extremely aggressive fluids, other manifold materials or other special requirements can be designed and produced by our engineering team.

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pump with Flow Dividing Manifold The Flow Dividing manifold creates multiple metered flows from one source. This configuration is very useful to deliver equal amounts of fluid to several points, independent of the hose length or back pressure.

AccuStaltic Flow Dividing Manifold

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pump with Discrete Channel Manifold The Discrete Channel manifold maintains each tube as a separate but synchronized pump. This type of manifold can retain tubes of different diameters and clamps the outside of the tubes so the fluid path is entirely within the tubes with no fittings or cavities to retain fluid.

AccuStaltic Discreet Channel Manifold

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pump with Common Channel Manifold The Combined Channel manifold combines the flows of multiple tubes to achieve one inlet and one outlet flow. This manifold increases the flow capability by using multiple tubes in unison and allows higher pressures (up to 12 bar {170 psi}) because several smaller tubes can be used to create one flow. Flow rates up to 130 liters per minute (34 GPM) can be achieved with a 12 channel pump and 1/2" size tube. Handles flows with suspended particulates up to 0.18". When used with a split rotor pump pulses are almost eliminated creating more uniform flow.

AccuStaltic Common Channel Manifold

AccuStaltic Peristaltic Pump with Pulse Balancing Manifold

The Pulse Balancing manifold is designed to take advantage of the unique split rotor design of larger AccuStaltic peristaltic pumps. It combines 2 sets of tubes from each half of the off-set rotor to achieve two separate but low pulse flows. It is similar to the standard Combined Channel manifold but allows for 2 discrete flows to be balanced and still remain separated.